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Hello Everyone, I am Thiesha Badie and I am a mother of 4 beautiful daughters as well as a wife! I have alway had a love for birth work, but recently the rising number of maternal mortality in women of color has gained my attention. According to the Biomedcentral journal,  Georgia has one of the highest maternal mortality rates, almost twice the national rate! As a certified Doula, it is my honor to support and share the years of knowledge and expertise with Savannah and the surrounding area! Childbirth is sacred therefore I approach it holistically with care and respect. My ultimate role is to advocate and provide support to mothers and family during birth! Contact me for more


My Services

What I Do


Birthing Doula

Offering Support

With my Birthing Guidance, I offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during and after birth. I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check how you’re doing and step in with anything you might need. 

This service includes 2 prenatal appointments where I attend with you, create a birth plan, Doula attendance the entire labor, back up Doula and 1 postpartum visit.
Price $1200

Mother and Baby

Postpartum Support

Here for You

Pregnancy, birth and the early days of child rearing can be very scary and stressful. My role with my Postpartum Support service is to ensure you get the best information and care possible. No matter when you need me, I will be there offering support.

Price $35/hourly

Some of the duties include:
*Breastfeeding support
*Help with the emotional and physical recovery after birth
*Light housekeeping so that mom does not feel so overwhelmed
*Running errands
*Assistance with newborn care such as diapering, bathing, feeding and comforting
 *Light meal preparation
*Baby soothing techniquesSibling care
*Referrals to local resources such as parenting classes, pediatricians, lactation support and support groups

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Routine Checkup

Birthing Plan

À la cart service 

 A birth plan is a written outline of what you would like to happen during labor and delivery. I will listen to your plans and customize your birth plan that best fits you and your birthing team.$75

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Couscous with Meat and Vegetables

Meal Prepping 

Offering Support

Now that you are settling in with your baby. Let me take the load off by meal prepping or  meal preparing for you and your family.We will create a menu that is packed with ingredients that  will fuel your body.
Price $27 hourly

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Juice Me Please

Here for You

Juice Me Please is  a cold pressed juices packed with the nutrients needed to regain her strength and energy! *These juices are not meal replacement * *This can be added to any package*
3(8oz) $32, 6(8oz) $62, 9(8oz) $90

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Pamper Mommy Please

Special Gifts

These  gifts can be given anytime during the pregnancy. Mom deserves to be pamper from head to toe! Each gift is customized and unique to you.

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Flexible Payment Options 

Offering Support

Flexible payment options are available. 
1. 25% is due to retain me as your doula. The remainder 75% must be paid by week 35.
2,A sliding pay scale is available. 

Contact me for more information.

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Baby's Grasp



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